Friday, December 24, 2010

Our First Christmas

History in the making... Our first Christmas as a married couple.

Chad and I got married on June 12, and now, six months from that glorious day we celebrate our first Christmas. It's been an interesting half-year full of ups and downs, and we've grown much closer. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas festivities.

Our first family portrait. Rowdy joined our family in September, and we immediately became inseparable. He had been left at a laundromat in Trumann, AR, and was passed from one person to another until he found his way into our home. 

Fisher Beckwith, our new nephew was born September 1, and he is enjoying his first Christmas at his Mia's house!

My cousin's youngest two children, Fuller and Eden, were having a blast opening presents at my parents' house last night. Seeing children open their presents is, without a doubt, my favorite part of Christmas.

We are spending this Christmas in Sheridan with Chad's family, which makes this year my first to be away from my family. I hardly know what to think about not spending Christmas Eve at my Grandma's farmhouse. I did, however, bring my family tradition of glass-bottle Cokes and sausage balls for breakfast. I'll be making them for Chad's family in the morning!

Here's to starting new family traditions! Hope you all have a blessed Christmas, and remember that Christ is the reason we celebrate.

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