Monday, August 22, 2011

Lorenzo + Erika {Engagement}

Our good friends Lorenzo (Zo) and Erika are getting married in October, and I'm the lucky gal they chose to be their photographer! I was ecstatic when they asked me to photograph their wedding, and so grateful they also let me do some engagement photos. They are fantastic subjects to add to my portfolio... so photogenic and so relaxed with each other. The poses just fell into place and seemed so natural.

Since Zo and Erika are both graduates of Arkansas State University, we decided to do the photo shoot on the campus. It's a lovely campus (of course, I'm partial to it) with lots of options for photos. The clock tower and arch are two icons of the ASU campus.

Sweet and casual...

 We totally got lucky with timing the sun. Perfect sunshine coming through these trees with the fountain in the background. Ahhh, love it.

We also went over to the pavilion at ASU for some nice photos by the pond with nice soft lighting after the sun went down past the trees.

Check out that beautiful rock!
A solitary light shone down on the side of the pavilion making for a really fun lighting + background combination.

And just for funsies, Chad used a little magic to make this funny photo!!

Glad we got to showcase our alma mater, and looking forward to sharing more photos the wedding in October. Stay tuned.

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