Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scenes from the Farm

My dad asked me to put together a collection of photos I've taken over the years of farm scenes. He will be using them as the backdrop of a booth at the NEA fair this year.

I enjoyed going through several years of photos to gather this collection! Some of these were from my first photography class at ASU with Dr. Jack Zibluk (a great man who taught me everything I know about photography).

Enjoy the photos.

Left: My dad took on the challenge of rebuilding my grandparents' barn a few years ago. He had his work cut out for him, but the finished product turned out great. Right: I caught this fantastic sunset one night on my way home in a field which is now the future site of the NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital.
Top: My aunt is a leader of the 4H club in Jonesboro, and they raised chickens as a learning project. They were housed in the barn from the first photo. Bottom: This flag was flown on the front of my parents' house.
I never pass up a chance to get a great close-up of insects. They are such interesting creatures!
Top: I can't actually take credit for this photo, but I love it so I included it in the collection. My sister actually took this one evening while driving around my grandparents' pond. Bottom: Some of my cousins were practicing roping one afternoon.
Left: My cousins' daughters are having some fun climbing on the tractor. Right: My favorite horse photo. This one is actually hanging up in my house.
Be sure and drop by the fair and maybe you'll find these hanging up in a booth!

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